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Company Events

Great fun for company team building!
Primary Game Package (of several available)
Olympic color flags to designate playing area.
2 Facilitators.
8-9 games (usually) fill 90 minutes. Prizes for winners (Usually everyone wins here)
Ceremonial Opening. Awards-giving close.
Adaptable for Adults Only, ADULTS+CHILDREN (Used most often) or Children Only.

One of many popular team and morale building Games designed to delight and excite employees and families.
Here 5 company leaders vie to see who blows-up-pops balloons first.
Comic masks are billed as OSHA-approved safety gear.
Contestants act as team captains to help recruit and root-for team members.

OlymPicnic Games
Team Scoring: Points for 1st, 2nd, Etc. There are extra points for creativity and championship form, but subtraction of points for too much creativity and breaking the rules! Bribes not accepted (most of the time).
Olympic Color flags designate the playing field.
Over 25 games to choose, including:
  • Balloon Popping
  • Water Balloon Toss
  • Sack Races, 2&4-person sacks
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Shoe Golf
  • Tacky Tourist (dress-up) Relays
  • Javelin Heave
  • Pudding Eating
  • Chicken/Egg Carry

Call for custom package pricing at 800-427-7469.